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It paves the way for the Government to introduce requirements for traceability and recall procedures. "Horticulture is already supported by Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) programmes that provide audited quality systems which incorporate traceability," Mr Chapman says. "While we appreciate the new rules are being developed in the wake of the Government Inquiry into the Whey Protein Concentrate Contamination Incident in the dairy industry, we are saying we already have traceability systems in place, and please take them into account rather than reinventing the wheel and adding a double cost to our growers. "We have submitted that the adoption under section 40 of the Food Act of the GAP /GMP programmes is a sure and expedient way for the objectives of the Bill to be achieved. "The traceability systems of individual businesses make up a connected traceability system that operates across the horticulture industry. This network has been built over many years and continues to improve." Mr Chapman says other aspects of the Bill horticulture seeks consideration on are around the proposal to establish regulations and notices to change the frequency and intensity of auditing; to charge business for these audits; and for the regulator to have greater powers to obtain information, which could result in businesses breaching contractual obligations or agreements. "We disagree with those proposed changes. As outlined, horticulture already has a robust audit process which includes traceability and recall testing, so any additional regulatory burden would add cost, for no real gain. And while we support the ability for the regulator to obtain information to investigate a food safety issue, we submit, that information that is obtained for this purpose should be protected by financial penalties and indemnities." ENDS About Horticulture New Zealand Horticulture New Zealand, along with its affiliated organisations, represents the interests of New Zealands 5,500 commercial fruit and vegetable growers. Based in Wellington, it works in key areas of advocacy which affect all growers including biosecurity, food safety, seasonal labour, education and training needs of the industry, and resource management issues around New Zealand.

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The incubating eggs need to be turned to ensure they receive uniform warmth. Not if it can be helped! Until now, its adverse effects on humans have not been proved, though, many are of the opinion that maltodextrin affects the blood sugar levels and also decays teeth. Turkey eggs can either be hatched naturally by the turkey hen incubating them, or artificially, using an electronic incubator. You wouldn't want to spoil your previous efforts of making a sugarless ice cream base, would you? Rennet is the other ingredient. The eggs are laid between April and June. Set up the incubator well in advance to placing the eggs.

Reduce the heat to medium and slowly pour the cornmeal mix into the saucepan. Natural incubation is normally avoided, especially if the turkeys are bred for consumption, as the turkey hen can be a slightly careless mother. Do not interfere in the hatching process. Before placing the eggs in the incubator, let them reach room temperature. Now, I am going to share a great ice cream recipe that will help you dish out healthful scoops of this frozen dessert without worrying about the sugar content. The next ingredient in the cheese-making process is starter. The first 24 days are key formative days for the eggs. This nutritional dish originated in Scotland and is now popular throughout the world.

Canada is in a very good fiscal situation, so we shouldnt be worrying about that at this time. The comments are some of the Governors bluntest yet about the mix of policies needed to revive an economy still hurting from a crash in crude oil prices that brought Canada to the brink of a recession last year. Poloz on Oct. 19 said he considered cutting his 0.5 percent interest rate for a third time in response to the shock. Instead, he stood pat to monitor the jolt from the start of Prime Minister Justin Trudeaus deficit spending and see if business confidence would lift after the U.S. election, now less than three weeks away. Uncertainty is something you cant really go out and address, Poloz said. But you can do things which instill extra confidence, he said. One thing we can do is, yes, lower interest rates. More Potent Poloz has said the boost from fresh fiscal stimulus would be more potent than another move down in already low interest rates. In the interview Sunday, he backed the recommendation from a blue-ribbon panel convened by Finance Minister Bill Morneau calling for the government to use its money to attract private investors to infrastructure projects. Poloz called that arrangement a very good plan. Business leaders often complain to Poloz about poor infrastructure and Canada needs every point of additional growth it can find, he said.

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